The future PR-policy of the wine business


The future PR-policy of the wine business. A very big challenge.

By the Dutch Magister Vini Bernd Weeke

Bernd Weeke

The wine business is facing many tough challenges in the near future (10-15 years). The same goes for the alcohol industry as a whole. The single most important issue is ‘alcohol’ itself. A very hot topic for Public Relations and Public Affairs professionals.

Worldwide there are strong forces in play, aimed at diminishing alcohol abuse, addiction and health issues.Other major world wide influences are climate change, population growth and technological developments like data mining and surveillance.

How is the industry, and the wine business in particular, reacting to this and what are possible PR-strategies for the future?

Bernd Weeke MV has a background in marketing and advertising, working for many years at the highest level for international agencies as a coveted creative director. Since 2005 he started importing wines from Germany and Austria. Now his portfolio also counts wines from France, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain and Portugal.

He is a trained sommelier, wine teacher and certified vinologist. In 2021 he became Magister Vini (MV), the highest title in Dutch wine study (close to MW), graduating with a thesis on the future of PR and wine. In 2016 he won the title of Best Vinologist of the Year. Bernd Weeke lives in Leiden with his wife Reina and cat Ro.

Date: June 19 2021
Time: 03.00 p.m.
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