WSET Courses

The training at Plansel International Wineschool

Plansel and Willmy Matton are offering you this profound wine education in several languages on the beautiful Quinta da Plansel, Alentejo Portugal.
That means that a part of the education will take place in the vineyard and in the winery
to make the wine world more alive!

Lunch is included and in level 2 also dinner. The exciting part of wine and food pairing is done during the lunch so there will be time and space to practice. In level 2 also dinner is included. The time between the instruction hours and dinner is reserved for guided homework with personal attention for each student and their specific questions.


Why Attend?

The courses are only taught by certified wine Educators; who have proven themselves to live up to the high standards of the WSET® Educator Training Programme.

WSET is an organisation that has made a name for itself in over 70 countries with around 50 years of experience in wine and spirit education.

At the Plansel International Wine School, we can provide you with internationally accepted wine education certificate.

WSET courses are taught globally and in the same structure. Our courses are for beginners and advanced students

Courses available

WSET Level 1 Award in Wine

English, Portuguese, German

Duration: 1 day

Scheduled Hours: 9am to 6pm (exam takes place at the end of the day)

Price: 255 € Incl. lunch

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines

English, Portuguese, German

Duration: 3 days

Schedule Hours: On all 3 days: 9am-6pm (examination takes place on 3rd day at 4pm)

Price: 660 € Incl. lunch

WSET Level 1 + 2 Award in Wines

English, Portuguese, German

Duration: 4 days

 Schedule Hours: All 4 days: 9am-6pm (exam takes places on the first and on the 4th day)

Price: 880 € Incl. Lunch

plansel wine school alentejo

The plansel International Wine school

Held in Portugal, Alentejo you will find all for the perfect international wine education