WSET level 1

Language: English


28 april 2022 – Plansel International Wineschool in Montemor-o-novo

19 may 2022 – Escola de Turismo in Lisbon

Language: Portuguese


Language: German


Duration: 1 day

Scheduled Hours: 9am to 6pm (exam takes place at the end of the day)

Price: 255 € Incl. lunch
Registration deadline: 4 weeks before course date Course Contents

Course contents

The WSET Level 1 course is a beginner level introduction course to wine. This course is suitable for those just starting a wine career or are just pursuing an interest in wine. The following topics will be taught in the 1-day course Level1 Award in Wines”:

– Current wine world
– The main types and styles of wine
– Common wine grapes and their characteristics
– The basic principles of food and wine pairing (with practical exercises during the lunch)
– How to store and serve wine
– Create simple tasting notes

This 1 day course is concluded with an exam consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions.
Each participant receives a workbook and, after passing the exam, a WSET certificate from London.

Entry Requirements
There are no entry requirements for this course. You must have reached the minimum age for drinking alcohol to participate in the tasting of alcoholic beverages but this is no obstacle to obtaining the qualification in itself

Online Version € 230

Includes online study pack, with online textbook, and online course instruction, instructor auditing, exam fee and a month access.
Wine tasting kit with Personal winetasting by videocalling
If successfully passed, certificate and pin.